Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review of Chembra peak trekking in Wayanad: Read this before you go

Me and my friends went for a trip to Wayanad on Christmas day. The trekking to Chembra peak was one of the best in our time spent there. We were a group of 6 including boys and girls. I will give review of my trek and suggestions for those going for first time in this post.
For those going for first time please note these things:

  • The trekking will be open by 7.30 in the morning. The earlier you come, less tired while trekking. Before coming enquire about exact timing.
  • The ticket charges is 750rs for a group of 10. Even if it is less than 10 you have to pay full amount. They don't allow people to form group there. But people used to do it.
  • They will provide guide if you want. But it is not necessary.
  • Once to reach there, the road is not good for last 2 kms to the trekking base. If you have a vehicle with good ground clearance you can proceed. Otherwise, jeeps are available upto there. But its little bit costly, 800 rs to and fro.
  • Don't take children less than 8 yrs and old people. Trekking is not that easy.
  • Those who are having asthmatic problem don't forget to take medicines with you.
  • Carry atleast 1 litre bottle for two people. Once trekking starts, there is no shop for water or food.
  • Its better to wear a shoes with good grip. That will help you lot from skidding.
  • Take a good camera too. The scenic beauty is so good esp at top. Even a good mobile will do.
  • Minimum luggage. Maximum comfort.
  • Don't wear tight dress or tight jeans. That will be good.
(you start from bottom, see building in red colour. This was taken almost 70% distance to top)

The above things you note before to go to the place. Now I will tell what all you do and what all you not do, to make this trekking the best.
  • Once you start trekking up, take minimum stops in between. Obviously you will feel tired. But try to cover maximum distance. Take a small break and continue. Its better to reach top before its hot.
  • While taking rest also, better don't sit. Once you sit, you will feel like sitting often..!!
  • Drink minimum water. Once you drink more water, you will feel tired faster. Drink water just to keep your throat wet.
  • Make sure your group stay together. Its easy to go in a group.
  • Don't ever think like going back in between. You are going to miss it a lot..!!
  • Be careful of skidding. Even though accidents don't happen, be careful.
  • Once you see the heart shaped lake, take some snaps there, but don't touch the water as it will prevent animals from using the water.
  • There is place near to the lake where there is good view to bottom. Mostly people go there too. Just 50m or so.
  • While coming down, be careful of skidding again. Give way for those going up

Enjoy your journey. Give your queries and experience below. Like us on Facebook to see more posts. Thank you for reading this article.

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