Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A girl search in Google 'How to commit suicide?', the result given by Google was appreciable

A 24 year girl was so depressed when her boyfriend left her and decided to commit suicide. This happened after her lover got a govt job and due to pressure from his parents, he left her. She upon depression decided to end her life. She decided to end her life in Yamuna canal, which was hardly 4kms from her home. 
Just before her final move, she thought of searching in google on ways to commit suicide. She searched in Google 'How to commit suicide?'. The results Google gave was quite impressive. Instead of showing different methods to commit suicide, it showed 'Suicide Helpline numbers.

She dialed one of the numbers that appeared on the screen. The Deputy Inspector General of Police received the call, upon hearing her story convinced her to get counseling.

According to DIG Jitendra Kumar Sahni,
On January 3, I got a call from the girl on my public number. She was quite nervous and was about to end her life. She told me she had even searched how to kill herself on Google. Among the search results, she told me, she found my number. I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail.

She reached the DIG office and explained her story to him. The DIG asked  the station officer of the women’s police station to take the matter in her hands and give counselling to the girl. The female inspector got in touch with the boy and talked to the couple to search for better options for a better future.

The technology saved a girl's life and Google deserves all the appreciation. 

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