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SBI PO exam was conducted on 28th April 2013.
The objective part consists of 200 questions which is to be completed in 120 minutes(2hrs). This part was easier for an average student. But the main problem was with the time management. Aptitude and data interpretation took more time to do. With less that 1 minute for a question this was a tough job. But one with a good practice could do the job easier. What happened is that most of the candidates could not attend most of the questions from this part. Those who started with the aptitude and data interpretation could not attend the other part with would take only less time to do. What an intelligent one could do is, first attend the other two portions and then do the aptitude and data interpretation part.
Ok leave it. The game is already over.
Now coming to the descriptive part. 5 questions and 1 hour. 12 minutes for one question. The questions were from general issues and subjects. So any one with basic knowledge could answer this questions. There won't be any problem with time limit if you stick on to the word limit. What really matter is your grammar and style of writing.
Ok. Share your experience and doubts here. Let's discuss all matter here.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to remove gradient from the blogger blog's tab bar?

         After a short break,i was redesigning one of my blog which was hosted on blogspot.com.So when i selected a particular template i found out that some how the tab bar color is now having a white gradient across it. And i tried every options in the customize template section to remove it.None of them worked.
           Then i started google searching i found many pages which contained my keywords in google's different discuss forums.But when i click on those search results it goes to the home page of that forum.Its like google never knew what i was searching for.And none of the search forum's search bars works properly.Lets accept it,the search giant want to increase the traffic rate only to it's forum's home pages(for some unknown reason!!) and redirects you to it when you click on the search result link thinking you found the solution for your problem.

           After 20 minutes trusting in google's search ability i couldn't find any solution.So i randomly clicked through pages from number 15 and found the solution.Sorry for the long introduction.Let's get into the business.

   I know many of you are searching for the problem and are not able to find the solution.So here it is in the simplest(is there a word like that??!!) way ..I have added some screenshots so it can be more easier for you to understand.

Below is a sample how my tab bar looked like with the gradient.

Now lets see how to solve this problem.First go to your blogger dash board and click on the 'template' button.Then click on Customize button.(Check the picture below)

You will reach the customization page.Click on the 'Advanced' section then scroll down next column and select the last option 'Add CSS'.On the right side you will find a blank white box(Check the picture below)

Click on the pic to see it in large size

Then type the below script there. 

<style type="text/css">
body {}
.tabs-inner .widget ul {background:#000000;}

         Now '#000000' is the html color code of black.I wanted black so i typed this.Now you might ask what if you need a different color? Wel,then you have to replace '#000000' with the color code of your choice.Now how can you find out the color code of your choice of color?.

      Well there is a place where you can find html color codes.Click on that link and you will land on a page wchich contains a huge list.Or else if you have software like adobe photoshop,open it then click on the color selection .You will get a window just like the below picture.

        If you notice you can see that the selected color is black and you can see the color code is shown at the bottom(Rounded in red).Select whatever color you want,note the color code replace #000000 with that code click apply to blog on top right .Then you are done.

Here is my fully black tab bar after i edited.

Please let me know if this post solved your problem.

Sunday, April 21, 2013




SSC COMBINED GRADUATE LEVEL EXAM was conducted on 21 April 2013. The exam was conducted in morning and afternoon sessions.

The exam was comparatively easier. The main problem was the time limit. 200 questions in 120 minutes is a tough task ie, less than 1 minute for a question. The questions from all portions were comparatively easier than similar exams. A candidate with basic knowledge could attend it easily. One who did practice for even 2 weeks could excel well in the exam. The General Awareness and English Comprehension need less time to answer a question. May be an average student can do 3 to 4 questions per minute. A pretty intelligent one can do more.
A candidate with good planning can use this time to do problems in the other 2 parts (PART A & PART C). Thus an excuse that there was time problem cannot be considered. If you had such an issue, the main reason is that lack of practice. If you had practiced 3 or more question papers(model/previous) looking at the time, you could have easily adjusted the time.
Don't worry. This exam is a really good experience for your future exams. And if lucky enough you could even get through.
Wishing you all the best,

Post a comment:
  • If you need answers of any question
  • To know more about the exam
Give your feedback, comments and experience about this exam

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Tradition of Vishu

Vishu is a cultural festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala and in the Tulunaduregion(Mangalore & Udupi districts) usually in the second week of April in the Gregorian calendar. It marks the new year in accordance with Kolla Varsham the Malayalam calendar.This occasion signifies the sun's transit into the Meda Raasi (first zodiac sign) according to Indian astrological calculations, and represents the vernal equinox. "Vishu" in Sanskrit means "equal".

The Malayalam word kani literally means "that which is seen first", so "Vishukkani" means "that which is seen first on Vishu". Arranged in the family puja room the night before by the mother in the family, the Vishukkani is a panorama of auspicious items, including flowers, fruits, vegetables, clothes and gold coins. In Jyotiṣa(Indian astrology), Vishnu is seen as the head of Kaala Purusha, the God of Time. As Vishu marks the first day of the Zodiac New Year, it is an appropriate time to offer oblations to Hindu gods.

The Vishukkani, also called Kanikanal, is inseparable from Vishu. According to the age-old belief of Malayalees, an auspicious kani (first sight) at dawn on the Vishu day is lucky for the entire year. As a result, the Vishukkani is prepared with a lot of care to make it the most positive sight so as to bring alive a wonderful, propitious year ahead.
The responsibility of decorating the Kani belongs to the oldest lady of the house.

Vishu is traditionally celebrated as a New Year in the Malayalam Calendar, the day is often considered as the first day of the Zodiac Calendar.They ask Vishu Kani to bring luck and prosperity for the year starting from Vishu Day Medam 1st. But towards the end of last century CE, due to the importance of Onam which comes in August or September, the corresponding month Chingam is considered as first month of the Malayalam Calendar.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Download NEET ADMIT CARD and Proforma


Important Proforma with Post Card Size Photograph to be handed over to invigilator

Monday, April 8, 2013


For more updates like the Facebook page =>

Centralised Counselling for M.Tech/M.Plan Admissions (CCMT ) 2013

Availability of online application, online fee-payment & choice filling
15th April 2013
Last date of online registration & fee payment if done by E-challan
15th May 2013
Last date of online registration & fee payment
18th May 2013
Closing date of choice filling & locking/Automatic locking of choices
22th May 2013

CCMT 2013 Participating Institutes:
  • National Institute of Technology Agartala          
  • Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad     
  • Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal         
  • National Institute of Technology Calicut
  • National Institute of Technology Durgapur        
  • National Institute of Technology Hamirpur        
  • Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur         
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar        
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur  
  • National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra   
  • Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur          
  • National Institute of Technology Patna
  • National Institute of Technology Raipur 
  • National Institute of Technology Rourkela        
  • National Institute of Technology Silchar
  • National Institute of Technology Srinagar         
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat   
  • National Institute of Technology Surathkal       
  • National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli 
  • National Institute of Technology Warangal
  • IITM Gwalior, IIITDM Jabalpur, SLIET Longowal
  • NIFFT Ranchi

2013 Eligibility:
  • A candidate must have a valid GATE score (2012/2013)
  • A candidate must have secured a minimum CGPA of 6.5/10 or 60% marks in the qualifying degree (CGPA of 6/10 or 55% for SC/ST)

CCMT 2013 Application fees
Rs 1500 (Rs 1000 for SC/ST) to be paid online or by E-Challan

CCMT 2013 Application Procedure:

 Online at http://www.ccmt.in/

BMW and TVS join hands

Motorycle specialist BMW Motorrad has tied up with Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS to enter the market here.
BMW has adopted a slow but steady approach to the Indian two-wheeler market, gradually making inroads with consistent sales of their high-end, large capacity motorcycles through a set of trustworthy Indian importers. This German giant remains among the last of the ‘big-ticket’ manufacturers to dive into the high volumes Indian market with an earnest game plan, as KTM, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Triumph and every major Japanese bike maker have already played their cards in our important and massive market, most with grand success stories already stitched-up, or in the making.
It’s an alliance with all the ingredients for grand success, there being no better prospective Indian partner for the Munich headquartered BMW Motorrad than the Hosur (outskirts of Bengaluru) based TVS Motor Co. The partners will share a resource pool to build a new series of sub-500cc motorcycles. The first products are expected to make it to production by around 2015. Bikes or scooters will be sold under their own brand names, that is either TVS or BMW Motorrad, through the companies' respective distribution networks.
It’s still early days, but the sky’s the limit for what can come from this solid a joint venture. BMW motorcycles are renowned world over for their high quality, built to last a generation reliability and ample performance, while closer to home, anyone who knows TVS will vouch for their meticulous, award winning production practices, rock solid in-house R&D capability, keen understanding of the Indian two-wheeler market and unparalleled on-and-off road racing expertise here. TVS is already a master at tapping into the small capacity two-wheeler arena, with successful motorcycle and scooter brands like the Scooty, Victor, Star and Apache RTR to their credit, while BMW are masters of technology for every perceivable top-end motorcycle including their popular, rugged and versatile GS, as well as the famous K and supersports S series superbikes. Such a tie-up is certain to fill in the blanks for both manufacturers, while unlocking new market horizons for both manufacturers, specially in developing markets where BMW presently lacks a significant presence.
TVS has been moving cautiously in our fast paced, quickly evolving market in recent times, and this major, bold new tie up is certain to help them shift gears and take their game to the next level. It shouldn't be too long before we get to see some really exciting new bikes on Indian roads, and reaching markets around the world from these quarters.

GATE 2014-15 Examination Pattern

Pattern of Question Papers : Total 65 Questions (ALL Objective Type) Total Marks : 100 Each question has ONLY one correct answer. Answer sheet: OMR (ONLY Black Ink Ball Point Pen is allowed to darken the appropriate bubble)
GATE 2014 Examination will be ONLINE for Chemical Engineering & Civil Engineering.
GATE 2014 Examination will be OFFLINE for Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science & IT and Mechanical Engineering.
GATE 2014-15 would contain questions of four different types in engineering papers:
  1. Multiple choice questions carrying 1 or 2 marks each.
  2. Common data questions, where two successive questions use the same set of input data.
  3. Linked answer questions, where the answer to the first question of the pair is required in order to answer its successor.
  4. Numerical answer questions, where the answer is a number, to be entered by the candidate using the mouse and a virtual keypad that will be provided on the screen.
Note : Sectional cut-off  ( Technical / Non-Technical like Engineering mathematics & General Aptitude ) are not applied in GATE exam.
In all the papers, there will be a total of 65 questions carrying 100 marks, out of which 10 questions carrying 15 marks in General Aptitude (GA) are compulsory.
NOTE: General Aptitude (GA-15 Marks) is common for all the engineering branch (Civil-CE, Computer Science-CS, Information technology-IT, CE, Mech, EE, ECE, IN. Question of General Aptitude will remain same for branches held in same seating.
Engineering Mathematics will carry 15 % of the total marks, the General Aptitude section will carry 15 % of the total marks and the remaining 70 % of the total marks is technical in nature.
Engineering Mathematics Syllabus for Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering & Instrumentation Engineering is same and same question would be asked in the examination of gate 2014.
Engineering Mathematics Syllabus for Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering is same and same question would be asked in the examination of gate 2014.
Few topics of engineering mathematics are common for Computer Science & IT Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Communication , Civil, Instrumentation, Chemical and mechanical engineering.
Marking scheme: Negative marking of 1/3rd for One marks question and Negative marking of 2/3rd for Two marks question.
Unattempted question: No Marks
Linked answer question pair:  Each question carries 2 marks, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer to the first question only. There is no negative marking for wrong answer to the second question of the linked answer question pair.
If the first question in the linked pair is wrongly answered or is unattempted, then the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated. There is no negative marking for numerical answer type questions.
Common DATA : Multiple choice type : Equal marks to all related questions.
General Aptitude (GA) Section: Same Question will be expected for Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering & Instrumentation engineering in the examination of gate 2014.
Same Question will be asked for Civil Engineering & Chemical Engineering in the examination of gate 2014.
In all papers, GA questions are of multiple choice types, and carry a total of 15 marks. The GA section includes 5 questions carrying 1 mark each (sub-total 5 marks) and 5 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 10 marks)
Question 1 to 25 : One mark each  ( Negative marking 1/3rd  )
Question 26 to 55 : Two  mark each   ( Negative marking 2/3rd  )
Question 56 to 65 : General Aptitude  ( total 15 marks ) : ( Negative marking 1/3rd  for One marks & 2/3rd  for Two  mark)
Question 56 to 60  : One mark each          Question 61 to 65  : Two  mark each

NOTE : Calculator is allowed whereas charts, graph sheet or Tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall.
Above information are expected as per recent year examination, further changes will be updated on release of GATE-2014 official notification.

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What's this _PAlbTN in mobile folders?

the _PAlbTn folder contains the reduced pixel replicas of the images stored in ur phone or mmc. When u view ur pics using an image viewer (ie, the gallery), the gallery will access this folder to make it easier and faster to show the images. You dont have to worry about it, u can delete it if u want since a new one is made everytime u try to view the images using the image viewer.also if you like
This is where the phone Stores the thumbnail View of the Images in Phone (including MMC)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Download date: Admit card can be downloaded from www.sbi.co.in or www.statebankofindia.com from 8th april to 28th april 2013
Application details: To download admit card you need your application no. and password. These will be send to your mobile and also to your mail given at time of applying for the exam.

Go to the above website.
Click on the RECRUITMENT link on the left side of the website.
Click on the link SBI PO ADMIT CARD 2013 to download the admit card.
You have to enter the application no. and password to obtain your admit card. So keep it ready before you enter the website.
Take a colour print of the admit card and bring it while coming for the exam.

You have to carry the admit card while going to attend the exam.
You have to take an id proof which contains your photo. Take your original id along with a photocopy of the same.
ID proof can be licence, bank passbook, pan card, adhar, voter's card, passport.

If you have any problem in downloading admit card, you can contact the Central Recruitment and Promotion Department (CRPD) on telephone no: +91 22820427 or by mail at cprd@sbi.co.in along with registration no, name and date of birth.

Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page so that you can get direct link to download admit card without any problem. Or you can subscribe you mail id above.

You can get your admit card by mail by sending your registration no and password to this mail id: premmohantkmce@yahoo.in   ... Type the subject of mail as SBI PO...

If you have any doubt post a comment below..

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



List of NITs

NamePhotoEstablishedShort NameLocationState/UTWebsite
NIT AgartalaNIT agartala.JPG1965 (2006)NITAAgartalaTripuranitagartala.in
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology AllahabadMNNIT Academic building new.jpg1961 (2002)MNNITAllahabadUttar Pradeshmnnit.ac.in
Maulana Azad National Institute of TechnologyMANIT.jpg1960 (2002)MANITBhopalMadhya Pradeshmanit.ac.in
National Institute of Technology CalicutNITC AB.jpg1961 (2002)NITCKozhikodeKerala
NIT DurgapurGarden of the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India.jpg1960 (2003)NITDGPDurgapurWest Bengalnitdgp.ac.in
NIT HamirpurAcad-block-panorama.JPG1986 (2002)NITHHamirpurHimachal Pradeshnith.ac.in
Malaviya National Institute of Technology JaipurAdministrative Building, MNIT Jaipur.jpg1963 (2002)MNITJaipurRajasthanmnit.ac.in
Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of TechnologyNITJ bldg.jpg1987 (2002)NITJJalandharPunjabnitj.ac.in
NIT JamshedpurNit-academic-building.jpg1960 (2002)NITJSRJamshedpurJharkhandnitjsr.ac.in
NIT KurukshetraNIT-Kurukhetra .jpg1963 (2002)NITKKRKurukshetraHaryananitkkr.ac.in
Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology1960 (2002)VNITNagpurMaharashtravnit.ac.in
NIT PatnaNITPMainBuilding.jpg1886 (2004)NITPPatnaBiharnitp.ac.in
NIT RaipurNitrr.jpg1956 (2005)NITRRRaipurChhattisgarhnitrr.ac.in
NIT RourkelaNIT Rkl Main Building.jpg1961 (2002)NITRKLRourkelaOdishanitrkl.ac.in
NIT logo.jpg NIT Silchar1967 (2002)NITSSilcharAssamnitsilchar.org
NIT SrinagarNIT Srinagar.jpg1960 (2003)NITSRISrinagarJammu and Kashmirwww.nitsri.net
S V National Institute of Technology, SuratVIVEKANAND BHAVAN.jpg1961 (2003)SVNITSuratGujaratsvnit.ac.in
NIT KarnatakaNITK mangalore.jpg1958 (2002)NITKSurathkalKarnatakanitk.ac.in
NIT TiruchirappalliTrichynit1.jpg1964 (2003)NITTTiruchirappalliTamil Nadunitt.edu
NIT WarangalNitw main gate.JPG1958 (2002)NITWWarangalAndhra Pradeshnitw.ac.i
NIT Delhi2010NITDNew DelhiDelhi
NIT Goa2010NITGFarmagudi/NITKGoa
Daman and Diu
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
NIT Puducherry2010NITPYKaraikal/NITTPuducherrynitpy.ac.in
NIT UttarakhandAerial view of the Temporary Campus.jpg2010NIT UKSrinagar, Uttarakhand/Uttarakhandnituk.com/
NIT Mizoram2010NITMZAizawl/VNITMizoramnitmz.ac.in/
NIT Meghalaya2010NITMShillong/SVNITMeghalayanitm.ac.in
NIT Nagaland2010NITNDimapur/NITSNagalandnitnagaland.ac.in
NIT Arunachal Pradesh logo.jpg NIT Arunachal PradeshNIT Arunachal Pradesh - Main Building (Temporary Campus).JPG2010NITAPYupiaArunachal Pradeshnitap.in/
NIT Sikkim2010--Ravangla/NITCSikkimnitsikkim.ac.in