Sunday, April 28, 2013


SBI PO exam was conducted on 28th April 2013.
The objective part consists of 200 questions which is to be completed in 120 minutes(2hrs). This part was easier for an average student. But the main problem was with the time management. Aptitude and data interpretation took more time to do. With less that 1 minute for a question this was a tough job. But one with a good practice could do the job easier. What happened is that most of the candidates could not attend most of the questions from this part. Those who started with the aptitude and data interpretation could not attend the other part with would take only less time to do. What an intelligent one could do is, first attend the other two portions and then do the aptitude and data interpretation part.
Ok leave it. The game is already over.
Now coming to the descriptive part. 5 questions and 1 hour. 12 minutes for one question. The questions were from general issues and subjects. So any one with basic knowledge could answer this questions. There won't be any problem with time limit if you stick on to the word limit. What really matter is your grammar and style of writing.
Ok. Share your experience and doubts here. Let's discuss all matter here.

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