Thursday, June 30, 2016

NITC PhD admission (civil engineering) written test review

This is the review of admission test to PhD admission for Civil Engineering Department, which was conducted prior to the interview in NIT Calicut in June 2016. The applicants will be called for written test and shortlisted for the interview in ratio 1:3 or 1:4 approximately.
Each branch has separate exams. Exam was of objective type in which we have to mark answers in question paper itself. There were 60 questions and 60 minutes to complete. Calculator was not allowed. So bigger problems were not asked. I could finish the exam in  less than 20 minutes.

There was no negative marks.

Question pattern was different for different branches. For Environmental Engg. it was basically B.Tech level, better I would tell GATE exam level, but for Structural Engg. it was more of M.Tech level. The questions were of basic facts in the corresponding branch.

Questions will be from various fields of the selected branch. You can attempt exam for the branch you chose for M.Tech. Even though calculator was not allowed there were few problems which could be solved by working out in black page at the end. There were 4 questions from aptitude section too (man- work, boat upstream downstream, age related problems like that). Those will be comparatively easy.

For preparing for the exam, be thorough with the basics, the lab practical theory portions etc. Better look B.Tech topics first and then M. Tech topics.

Give your doubts, comments and feed back below..

All the best who are attending test in coming years.

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