Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to prepare for a PhD interview

This post will help you to prepare for PhD interviews in any college. There are some basic things you should know and you should do before attending a PhD interview.
First of all, make a good 'Research Proposal'. This should contain the details of the topic you are planning to pursue you research in. In most colleges they will ask for research proposal while applying or while attending an interview.
Secondly, be thorough with the basics facts about the are of research proposal. You should know in detail about the aim, methodology to be adopted, how to do, instruments or equipment required etc.
I would suggest you better consult a faculty in the college before preparing a research proposal.
Thirdly, you should be thorough with you M.Tech project work. Mostly they will ask about it. Just go thorough the M.Tech thesis report before you go for the interview.
Finally, prepare for the basic questions asked in the interview, like:
  • Tell about yourself?
  • Why do you come for PhD?
  • What were you doing before coming here?
  • Why you chose such a topic?
  • Why do you chose this college?
  • Why do you wait this much time before applying for PhD (in case you were working after M.Tech) ?
All the best for your interview..

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