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This is a famous addictive pc game. The main objective of the game is to pot as many balls as you can before the time runs out.

Open the game and press the ‘PLAY’ button.

A rack of 15 balls will be arranged and a cue ball at the centre of the pool table.

Timer starts as soon as you start the game. The timer starts with 2 minutes and starts counting back.

Your aim is to pot as may balls as possible before time runs out.

Aiming and shooting

Move the mouse to aim at the ball.

When the mouse is in correct direction,  press the left mouse button to set.

Click and drag the left mouse button away the direction from where you are aiming.

The power increases as you move further.

Release the mouse button to shoot the cue ball.


You are awarded 100 points on every ball you pot and 150 if u pot the ball without touching the cushion.

When the score reaches 10000 the expert mode of the game is unlocked.

In expert mode, you get 150 and 200 points respectively.


The game start with rack1 of 15 balls.

When you are down to one ball, you receive a new rack of 14 balls.


The game starts with 2 minutes and goes down by one second.

For each ball you plot in rack1, you will get 10 seconds extra, similarly 9 seconds in rack 2 and goes on.

Beware: If you plot a cue ball any time in the game, the time goes down by 30 seconds.

Score Multiplier

For every five consecutive pots, the multiplier goes up by 0.5 .

When you miss a pot in between or pot the cue ball, the multiplier goes down by 0.5 .

Multiplier means how many times of points you can get. For example, 1.5X means you can get 150 points compared with 100 points a ball. While if you want to get more points, you need put every ball in with each single hit. Once there is a ball missed, then you will be cut away 0.5X. And each time you hit in 5 balls, the multiplier will increase 0.5X

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