Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why brides take glass of milk on first night?

The milk commonly served to newly weds contains spices like saffron, turmeric, sugar,pepper, almonds and fennel seeds or saunf. All of which are boiled in milk and served warm.
How does it help? 
1. Acts as a powerful aphrodisiac: The milk is usually warm and contains potent aphrodisiacs like crushed pepper and almonds. When boiled, both these ingredients release chemical compounds that help increase libido. Apart from that it also helps the man last longer in bed and and have a more intense orgasm.
2. Helps you relax and make you happier: In earlier days most people would never meet before their wedding night, making them nervous and apprehensive and drinking this milk helped them feel comfortable and more at ease. The mixture worked well and here’s why. Since the milk is boiled with saffron and saunf , the mixture helps you relax. Apart from that, the scent of saffron and saunf  helps release endorphins or the ‘happy hormone’, helping you feel happy and calm.
3. Is an instant pick-me-up: Milk, with all its nutrients when combined with sugar is an instant pick-me-up. So after that long day of wedding rituals this drink is perfect to help you have more energy and some fun between the sheets.
4. Helps give your immunity a boost: Laced with turmeric, pepper and saunf, the concoction has potent antibacterial and immune boosting properties. Why is this necessary? Well, when you have sex with a person for the first time you are most prone to infections (due to exchange of bodily fluids) and this milk is a way to give your immune system that all essential boost.
5. Helps build proximity: A great way to help your man gently graze against your hand as he takes the glass from you , the glass of warm milk was a way to help increase proximity. To add to that, when the two of you share a glass of milk you tend to feel a little more comfortable and is often an ice-breaker.
That being said, this concoction need not only be used on your wedding night, you can also use it intermittently to help spice things up.
Source: http://www.thehealthsite.com/

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