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I virus in tamil movie of Vikram and Amy Jackson

Definition of I Virus: A type of Influenza virus H4N2 is called as I virus, a novel virus invented or man made virus. This type influenza virus is rarely seen infect human being. It is mostly observed to affect the birds and animals. It is labelled as 2 strands of hemagglutinin (H) and 4 strands of neuraminidase (N). H antigens vary from H1 to H18 and N antigens varies from N1 to N11, totally these 18 H and 11 N various combinations give rise to different influenza virus based on chemical charteristics.
I virus pictures, diagram, images, photos, structure, 3D Model
I Virus full details, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

I Virus – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

The I virus (H4N2 influenza virus) basic characteristic is changing physiology. The influenza virus will not transfer to humans directly from the environment. Rarely, it is observed in human being.
H4N2 influenza virus develops through 3 stages. In the first stage, anterior pituitary glands grow very fast and the epithelial cells forming mature glands.
In the second stage epithelial cells will become flatter and lumen enlarges abnormally. Influence of adreno cortical hormones, full secretory activity.
The third stage or final stage of H4N2 influenza virus is the development stage where resting glands in the formed ducts. It will be like a Mammary tumour virus (MTV).

I Virus - h4N2 influenza Structure, Anatomy, RNA
I Virus – h4N2 influenza Structure, Anatomy, RNA

List of movie based on H2N4 influenza virus AKA I Virus

Only very few movies are made based on influenza virus and mostly this will cover less portions. Recently, a Tamil movie Ai AKA I (Directed by Shankar) released in India. H4N2 is a type of influenza virus injected to the hero (Vikram) and as a result he becomes hunch back.

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