Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gate 2013 Civil Engineering Review, Cutoff

GATE 2013 for civil engineering was first time an online exam. Even though some changes in pattern were expected, the exam had great changes in its pattern and in its usual trend of asking questions. First time they introduced questions where we have to type the answers. Even-though it was confined to numerical answers, it seems to be so tricky and candidates find it difficult to answer such questions as they don't had confidence to give the answers to such questions. There was only 2 such questions in mock exam, but unexpectedly there were more than 10 such questions in the actual gate test. But these questions did not had negative marks. Thanks to Gate exam..!!
The exam had questions from new fields esp form structural engineering. The usual trend of asking questions like from matrices in maths, treatment plant in environmental engineering etc was missing this time.

Cutoff marks
With the unusual trend and new pattern the questions seems to be easy for those who prepared  really serious about the exam. Those knowing the basics and studied deeper could easily answer 35 plus answers. Thus this time cut off marks is expected nearly 28 to 32.

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