Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tata unveils 100 kmpl car

If there is someone who has represented India at the Geneva Motor Show in the true sense, it is Tata. It is here that Tata has unveiled the Tata Megapixel concept car that can deliver up to 100 kmpl mileage giving a good answer to the fuel crisis impending in the world. In a unique combination with technology, the Megapixel city car uses fuel to its last drop most efficiently to deliver the highest mileage. Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata along with other biggies of Tata India management was present at the launch. Last year, Tata unveiled the Tata Pixel at the 81st Geneva Motor Show. That time, Tata focused the European market only but the Megapixel is projected as a world car.

Tata did it with Tata Nano giving the world the cheapest car ever and now, here it is the Megapixel small car that can solve the rising concern for over use of fuel and continuous depletion of hydrocarbons. Basically, the Tata Megapixel is an extended electric vehicle and is in the development phase. It will take another three years for this Tata’s most fuel efficient car to make it to roads. The car uses a lithium ion phosphate battery and a petrol engine as its power machines. The petrol engine charges the battery as soon as it gets low on power. In a single full charge and a tank full, the Megapixel Tata car can go up to 900 km thus returning an average of 100 kmpl. Four motors attached to each wheel power the car. Notably, while parking, the car’s front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions giving the car a short turning radius of 2.8 m.

Apart from being a mileage machine, the Megapixel city car is low on pollution and emits only 22 gm/km of CO2. This time contrary to its Pixel junior that was unveiled last year and targeted only Europe, the Megapixel targets the discerning motorists around the world. A developed version of Tata Pixel car, the Megapixel enshrines the future design strategy of the homegrown car maker. The car can also be charged using the electricity by the special induction pad at home.

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