Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Upcoming nokia human form phone with advanced nanotechnology

Nokia is coming with its new human form phone concept with nanotechnology. Can't wait for it, once you know about it..

Nokia World event recently held in London where company has showed a prototype of their upcoming flexible phone with flexible screen. This flexible phone allowed you to be use in various interesting ways. Its new video hits the internet showcasing the future of upcoming flexible mobile phone according to Nokia.

They dub it Human Form concept; this upcoming concept phone has strange oval shape and this new Nokia Human Form is completely flexible. This latest concept phone acts like the transparent touchscreen which means you are pressing any part of Nokia Human Form; it will let you operate it.

This Nokia flexible concept phone also provides imminent into Nokia’s focus on utilizing nanotechnology to increase user’s experience. This latest nanotechnology maintains to be able to realize the mood of caller’s and it will change the ringtone according to the caller mood. But the focus of video remains on flexible display screen technology and its connections, like distortion the screen zoom in and zoom out.

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